Ashley Stevens is a rolling stone. A Georgian by birth, her experiences living in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington state, and Michigan have shaped her into the person she is today. It took leaving home for her to embrace her quirky Southern heritage and finally (comfortably) say y'all.

Professionally, Stevens is an archivist with experience working in the government and museum world.  She holds an M.A. in Public History and a M.L.I.S. in archives.

Creatively, she is working on her first novel, book one of a trilogy, about black women in space. Outside of this, she is interested in the intersection between archives, the arts (writing in particular), and activism. Her dream is to one day create an archives/community space that celebrates the creative flair of the African diaspora.

Lastly, she has the coolest supporter, her cat, Thaddeus Lorenzo "Fat Man" Stevens.

(Check out her defunct site for a flavor of her writing style and topics.)