#thatarchiveslife building community one snarky tweet at a time

I created the hashtag #thatarchiveslife as a way to curate my call for assistance and random thoughts. I then began to expand it to include snarky comments and quirky observations of this archives game. In doing so, I’ve found a community of sorts.

A delightfully, snarky bunch of archivists. My people. The type of archivist that lurks in us all (or anyone that works in customer service). The one who screams internally when a potential donor wants to donate a stack of newspapers (read: acidic).

Screams internally.png

Or, find yourself in yet. another. meeting. Or, to share your triumph after floating in a sea of limited time, resources, and people. Hey, even snarky people look for the rainbow after a rainstorm.

To my archivists out there, I hope you’ll consider joining my little community and add #thatarchiveslife to your tweets.


P.S. - #WakandaForever