A Statement

Upset by the state of this country, I took to Facebook to post the following statement:

"As a student of history, these unfolding events are eerily similar to post-Reconstruction era and the rise of fascism in the 1920s. I do not rattle easily friends and I am rattled.

[Speaking to the silent Trump supporters on my friends list]

If you voted for this man, feel no remorse for what havoc he is causing (separating families, lying, possibly colluding with Russia) nor protesting or resisting in some form or fashion, simply, we cannot be friends. Remove me from your friends list.

Your actions and continued support of this man means your compassion ends at your own humanity at the expense of others. Nothing I say will change that because I, in your eyes, deep down, am not deemed worthy of compassion.

If you proclaim to be a believer, then I give you over to God because I cannot.

I don’t have the time nor the inclination to teach (or show) you the error of your ways not when others and myself are fighting for our right to live and thrive in this country. My efforts are best spent elsewhere. To lift each other up. To console one another. To live to see another day."