the relationship drops on Amazon Kindle

the relationship is a non-linear short story, marking three pivotal moments in a relationship between a librarian and a ballet dancer. You can purchase for $.99.


I started this writing project in November 2018. It wasn’t a fully fleshed out idea. I sat down and started to write. With each successive draft, the story came into focus. As with all my stories, my protagonist is a black woman and set in one of my favorite places: Philadelphia. I experimented with capitalization in the short story so it may be disconcerting to readers but, as a writer, that’s my prerogative.

There are probably errors - scratch that - more than likely to be errors but I don’t care.

Thank you to Julie Mech and Adrian Patenaude for reading and critiquing my work. Thank you to Cynthia Sohn, John Kingsley, Jeremy Snell and countless others who listened to me rattle on about this story and offer informal feedback.

I release this beautiful story into the world.

Good luck, my friend.