Creative Pursuit - Getting in Formation

Inspiration can come from anywhere. My mind conjures up stories and characters anywhere and anytime. Immediately, I propelled into a world with twists and turns that excites me and, sometimes, frightens me. All of this can happen because I see a person doing something or heard an interesting sound or phrase.

Over the course of several days, my mind will go over the story. Flesh it out. The people. The characters.

Imagine my surprise when a story idea came to me because I saw a gif. This gif to be exact.

Now, I had already seen the Formation video and loved it. I watched it a couple of times. On this particular day, I scrolled through my Twitter feed, saw this gif and my mind was like,

That’s it!

Instantaneously, I envisioned bounty hunters sporting that hat. I saw a scene straight out of a movie coming down a flight of stairs. Slowly. Guns ready.

Not only that they would be female black bounty hunters.

I’m branching out of my comfort zone by exploring graphic novels. My reason is two fold: I was becoming more familiar with scifi graphic novels (seriously check out Saga) and I knew there was no way I could adequately describe in writing the visuals.

My mind took another turn when I heard a song. It was Nina Simone’s Blackbird.

Like opening a book or a graphic novel in this case, the story unfolded for me while listening to a song.  Each day brings a new discovery. What song will inspire me? What story will unfold?

I’ve determined that the overarching story I want to tell will be in five volumes. And, you guessed it. I have songs to correspond to each volume. Actually,  as of this writing, I only have four of the five. Once I have that song for the second volume, I will put pen to paper and begin to write.

I look forward to sharing this story with you.