MECCAcon & Doris, a space western comic book

After two plus years of writer's block, the fog was lifted and I was ready to right again. My next foray into the writing world: an untitled space western staring an all-black, all-female cast. If we go by buzzwords: afrofuturistic feminist space western. Imagine my surprise to learn about an upcoming comic book convention hosted at the Detroit Public Library.

On Saturday, September 16, I checked out the Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and the Arts (aka MECCAcon). It was great to see so many black creatives in one space. One person in particular I was glad to meet was Matt Thornton. 

Like me, Thornton was working on a space western comic book titled Doris. With the little cash I had (he wasn't set up for credit card, yet), I purchased it for $5.


The quality of the comic book feels top notch. I remember when comic books were flimsier but Thornton's has a slight weight to it. It's printed on better quality paper. A slight gloss to the pages really makes the colors pop on the page.

From the showdown in the saloon to the gunslinger-esque character that is Chief Inspector Stonewall, Thornton's comic book felt like I was reading a western. The titular character Doris is a combination bad ass and caring individual. Y'know the beginnings of a three-dimensional person which tends to be lacking for black characters, especially black women in mainstream pop culture and the arts.

My only gripe is that Doris is too short. Thornton piqued my interest and now I want to know more. This world that Thornton sketches out is fascinating. Animals that we take for granted are walking, talking people.

  • How are ducks and bears walking around?
  • What exactly did Stonewall see in the underground bunker?
  • How will Doris and Pau get out alive?
  • Will Doris ever finish her story? The one she was so keen on sharing at the beginning.

The questions are there now I just have to wait for Thornton to deliver on them. 

(As of September 25, Thornton's website is currently down but he can be reached via email at if you'd like your own copy of Doris.)