Web Archiving Resources for Writers, Artists, and Other Creatives

Congratulations! You’ve gotten your work published online. Now what? The following is a list of free and not-so-free resources available to archives your work.

Please note: this does not constitute an endorsement of these sites and their products nor an exhaustive list of what is currently available. Rather the purpose of this list is to help guide you in the creation of your personal archive.

According to their site, they help individuals and organizations creation a link to an archived record of that page. Regardless of what happens to that page or the content on it, the archived record as it was captured at the time will be available through the Perma.cc link.

Typically used by academics to preserve a copy of a webpage they can cite in papers.

Requirement: Sign up for a free account. There is a 10 links per month limit on the free accounts.

According to their site, websites are more than a static page. This site is tantamount to hitting record on your web browsing experience. Go to a website, hit record and then you can move through that page clicking on links, watching videos, and it will records that session. It creates a file of that recorded experience.

Requirement: Sign up for a free account. Each registered user will get up to 5GB of free storage. Webrecorder.io hosts the content on their site.

According to their site the WayBack Machine, archives webpages. It takes a snapshot of the page. The WBM collects web pages that are publically available. On their FAQs, they note that not all publicly available sites are captured as their web crawlers may not be aware of the site’s existence. Additionally, creators of sites can send an email to WBM to have their site excluded from searches.

Requirement: None, as far as I can tell. There is the option to create an account but unclear what that entails.

According to their site, this is a Google Chrome extension. Individuals can navigate to their favorite websites and it will alert you to if there is an archived copy of the site. You have the option to view the archived copy. If no archived copy exists, it will alert you to this and give you the option to create an archived copy.  It is recommended as an up and coming option but some users are experiencing issues with it.

Requirements: Download from Chrome Web Store

Similar to Mink, this is a Google Chrome extension. It operates similar to Mink. It is relatively new and evolving. It generates WARC files that need software to open and replay. The site recommends using Web Archiving Integration Layer (WAIL), a software suite that came about because of WARcreate.

Requirement: Download from Chrome Web Store.


This list was created in response to the ongoing issue faced by writers, artists, and other creatives as a result of Universal Fan Con.

It was made possible by the many archivists on Twitter who answered the call for web archiving resources.

We're archivists. We're out there and we're here to help.